Rainy Day Couples Session / St. Augustine, Florida / Tori & Phillip

Love was definitely in the air this night, living in Florida the weather is so unpredictable. It rained pretty much the entire day, but Tori and Phillip were determined to make the best of their planned session and boy did they! We did get a little rain, but it did not stop these guys from having the best time! Their connection and energy was so good.

Here are some kind words from Tori after our shoot. This is the experience I aim for all of my couples to have when they pick me to be their photo guy.

"Fun fact- we’ve been married 5 years but we’ve been together since I was 14, our freshman year of high school. I know you didn’t know that yesterday but somehow you were able to capture the connection we share- it’s playful, yet also has years of depth. He’s my best friend and also the greatest love I’ve ever known. You have such a talent for making people feel safe and seeing their true emotions behind any nervousness or barriers. It’s truly amazing! You do sooo much more than take pictures."

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